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Thread: fixed 10X sniper scope and HFT rig too much Bling/chaos???

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    Default fixed 10X sniper scope and HFT rig too much Bling/chaos???

    i've always fancy those "worked" HFT S400's. :love ie. carbine barrel/classic cylinder. i bought a spare classic cylinder/matt chromed for the EV a while back, never got around to fit it so i thought i would convert my s410k just to see what it's like.....

    bling/colour co-ordination (or lack of) aside, the balance is fantastic, spot on for those standers...hmm, coupled with the 10 shot mag......ideal for M/S :smokin new home for the leupy?

    to complete the combo, got meself a nikko diamond fixed 10X scope for now. it's such a manly nonsense/straight forward/solid...etc can't wait untill i get the HOWA :naughty

    next on the list.....matt silver muzzle brake/air striper flush to cylinder :thumbsup

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    Hi Hardy,

    Looks nice.

    I rather like that scope as well, I don't think we currently see that particular model in the UK.

    One thing I am curious about though is does it have a very short eye relief or is your face hanging off the back of the cheek piece? That mounting position I would find extremely uncomfortable - just ask Gerrie about me trying his S400!!

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    yeah, i think both of nikko 10X scopes are now discontinued. the local importer's got them in stock still.

    now you mention does look a bit funny....according to nikko, the eye relief is 3.8". i've measured the distance between the end of the stock and eye piece, and is about 24cm. i don't know, i'm just not a regular shaped guy, i guess.....
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