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Thread: Oiling a beech TX200 stock

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    Default Oiling a beech TX200 stock

    From the first days i got the TX200 i wanted to strip the lacqeur (varnish) finish and oil the stock,the stock had some visible machine marks and the grain was nice so i thought i wanted to clean things up and try and bring out the grain a bit more,unfortunately it was not walnut but beech which most guns are fitted with.

    THE WHOLE PROCESS IS DESRCIBED BY BLUD STEP BY STEP ON PAGE 1 of the tech section(OILING A STOCK), please refer to this thread for detailed steps(thanks blud you helped a lot)

    the lucky thing for me was that the stock was totaly factory lacquer finished and AFTERWARDS the checkering was laser cut,so the was ZERO residue in the delicate checkered areas.

    i brought paint stripper(powastrip),800 grit sanding paper a brush and walnut stain and sugar soap ,i got some danish oil and fine wool from mr du toit who knows his stuff around wood.

    i then masked the rose wood pistol grip extension then i started with the paint stripper , apply leave for 15-20mins rub gunk of with extra wood piece and i used a brush you use to clean your toes/feet to get all the extra gunk of, repeat strip process until you feel all of the varnish is gone, the wood will also be much lighter in colour,the stripper would have lifted the original factory stain.

    then you cover the checkering and start sanding....until silky smooth,i then washed the (rag soaked ) stock with sugar soap which lifted fibres ,let dry and sand again...and again till silky smooth.

    then i stained the stock with walnut coloured stain,it came out MUCH darker than i thought....(NB the stain does not absord good in hard beech although it looks very dark you will lose a lot of colour in the sanding and oiling process) i sanded until i got the desired colour (NB be VERY carefull when sanding the corners of the stock otherwise you will sand out all the stain and leave white blothces without stain,beech is very pale in its natural form) and the cleaned the stock with with a brush and rag,trying to get all the dust off. then the oiling started,beech is very hard so it does not absorb fast so take it slow and gently oil.again and again.

    here are some photos:

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