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Thread: Steyr : The Best there is - period

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    Hi all, have to share this with you as i don't think any other manufacturer would come near this!

    I've bought a Steyr HP about 15 months ago, everything went well for a while, untill i started playing around with sub 12ft/lbs power settings as i wanted to use it for FT. This was when things started going "haywire". E.S jumped to about 30 and although it didn't influence accuracy at F.T distances, i was not happy at all.

    I contacted Steyr in Austria and informed them about my "problem". They replied promptly and offer to "repair" the gun, free of charge if i send it to them. Now you must remember, the gun was out of it's warranty period of one year and what's more, they offered to pay the transport costs from S.A to Austria and back. (can you believe it????)

    Within one week the money was deposited into my account and i used one of the local courier companies to send the gun to Austria. Well i tried to send it, but Customs was asking all sorts of questions and after about two weeks, the gun was send back to me, the courier company were unable to help me because of some permits (red tape). Back to square one! :cursin

    Contacted Steyr again and the very helpful Sales Manager Karl Egger offered to send me all the parts (new regulator, set for 12ft/lbs and new set of seals) needed to carry out the "repair", and still without charging me anything!

    This is the most unbelievable service i ever received and would always remember it. So all you Steyr owners out there - YOU MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE! :thumbsup

    a Big THANK YOU to Karl Egger and Sigrid Seirlehner from Steyr in Austria. :claphead
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    now, that's good service....... :thumbsup
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    We need to see more of that sort of service in SA too.Nice to hear things dont always go wrong for us .Good on Steyr.
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    Quality = Customer Satisfaction = Support... Couldn't agree more.
    Got another story:
    The other day my Anics A3000LB's CO2 seal started leaking - faint, but I can hear it & number of shots are way down. So, I emailed Geoffrey (, ex-Red's Range) and told him I need a new seal.
    Pnone call on Thu indicates there are 2! new sets of seals + brass nut assemblies on their way to me - no charge!!!
    Thx to Geoff and, again, I fully support this oke.
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