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Thread: steyr lg110 hamster/knee rest adjustability?

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    Default steyr lg110 hamster/knee rest adjustability?

    hello guys....

    how deep/low can the fore-end go? relative to the bore..... and will it be easy to mod? suppose one can always just bolt a blk board duster/wedge like the dommies.....

    hows a few pics to show off ur rigs?????
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    you can start off with no fore-end at all...
    The standard one is about 3cm high and with spacers you can go as high as you wish.
    Personally I think the fore-end should be low and the scope should be high...hence the Steyr scope rail.
    This lowers the centre of gravity and makes the rifle more stable and easier to control.



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    SA rules allow only 150mm bore centreline to bottom of raiser block.We make a simple slipover raiser block for standard guns.R100-00.
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