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    ok, so i picked the babbies up from the post office yesterday. :claphead :claphead :claphead big thanks to Casper, the workmanship and attention to detail = A+++ :blueyes :drool :love

    [link=hyperlink url]
    [link=hyperlink url]

    i ordered 2, one for the S410K and the other for EV. for the EV, i'm going to "completely" free float the barrel as seen on NJ's rig and a few other PRO's in the UK. :thumbsup but i'm waiting for the spare collar/windicator to mod and with the 2 shoots coming up, i don't really have the time/feel like to test/rezero the whole thing. so i will leave it for now. maybe a Easter weekend project.

    took the "strippered" s410 to the range yesterday......unfortunately it was just too hot to do a proper groupings test, i just zero'ed @ 30m and plinked away.

    2 things i've noticed.......the muzzle-flip was reduced, i was able to follow pellets @ 50m on 10X magnification. something that i couldn't do last weekend. POI shifted from between 1st and 2nd dot below line..... to 1st dot below line @ 50m. the latter is consistent with the findings re lean charge/air stripper, less turbulence, higher BC's, truer trajectory....etc posted by David Snook of Daystate, and Pete Sparks re his old S400........etc

    then again, it could just be the placebo effect?

    hey, even if they do f@@k-all....they are still way worth it....just look at them :blingbling :smokin
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    Looks good.Sounds like ou are getting a flatter trajectory , that can onl be good news.

    Nice work Casper
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