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Thread: FYI: story behind the FXA / CNC / Logun / Webley / RWS clones

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    Default FYI: story behind the FXA / CNC / Logun / Webley / RWS clones

    taken from posted by Johnny, the swedish airgun enthuiast....

    "To make a long story short:

    Fredrik Axelsson did design the Axor concept, first rifle was the original Axor, at that time sold by Webley, hence the "Webley Axor".

    When making the Axor Fredrik was workning with a company named CNC Process AB in Hova, Sweden.

    Then there was a argument between him and the companys owner (Kenneth S?der, or to be precise, with Kenneths wife, Mona) and Fredrik quit.

    Instead he founded his own company and hired some workers from the old company.

    Everything ended up in court.

    When things was settled the CNC AB could keep the rights for the Axor trademark together with the original rifle. Fredrik was however granded the right to evolve the Axor concept into his on new design.

    This new rifle became the FX2000.

    One of the rifles yet not made was the FX Rapier (2-shot), this rifle was concidred as a part of the original Axor so both companys got the right to produce this model.

    CNC Process AB, now without designer, sold their part of the settlement to Logun in exchange for the right to be marketed by them. Logun made some changes to the design (the bolt) and began to sell this model as the Logun Axor (and the 2-shot) Gemini.

    So today the CNC Process AB makes the Logun Axor and the Logun Gemini, the Logun Mk II is made in Britain and the S-16 made in Slovakia.

    Fredriks first company was made PRE-Charge AB but was later on remade into the present FX Airguns AB.

    The Logun Company then started to sell some FX-made rifles under their own name becouse the CNC Process AB was not intrested in developing new models.

    Today FX have 11 workers and make theise rifles, theise are 'true' FX rifles made in Mariestad:

    FX 2000 (aka: FX Tarantula, FX Black Widow, RWS Excalibre, Webley FX2000)
    FX Rapier (aka: FX Timberwolf, RWS Rapier)
    FX Cyclone (aka: Webley Spectre)
    FX Cutlas (aka: Logun Domin8or, FX SuperSwift)
    FX Ultimate (aka: Webley Hellfire, RWS Scimitar)
    FX Storm
    FX Gladiator (aka: Logun Gladi8or)
    FX Revolution
    FX Xterminator (aka: Logun Dict8or)
    FX Typhoon (aka: Logun Solo, FX Tornado)

    All rifles ever offerd by FX Airguns AB is still in production, selling well and yet 3 new models are due to be released in the upcomming year.

    The Raider was a design that Fredrik sold some of the rights to Webley when RWS wanted to be the only company in the UK selling the Rapier - this rifle is not made by FX Airguns AB.

    The AGS Litew8t is made by CNC Process AB by 'leftovers' from the Axor production, based upon the old Axor Carbine (hence the limited edition, parts are running low now)."

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    "To make a long story short: "You funny guy Urabus. To make a long story of it rather. :jester
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