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    This weekend fellow shooters & I went from lovable to bed@#nerd in 0.05 seconds. A bloke removed his gun from the gunrack and a chain reaction ensued resulting in 4 other funs falling from the rack. Damage ranged from scratched finishes to a sidewinder scope hanging "boeppens" My gun stock sustained a crack which must be repaired. All that the poor sod could say was "Sorry" with a shrug of the shoulder.
    In terms of rands it is difficult to measure the cost of the damage. Needless to say the whole spirit of the shoot was somewhat subdued after the incident.

    The lessons learnt was very simple. Keep your gun cased when not in use! It saves a hell of a lot of tears and the extra effort to decase between shoots is worth every kilojoule!!!

    With Ouch!!

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    AHMEN to that. I may say that I managed to get my rifle to shoot in the general direction of a target at least 9 out of 10 times after having shimmed the front of the scope, now theshape of a banana, with I don't know how many sheets of plastic. I hope God will forgive him, I'm trying damn hard but I can't.

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    Sorry to hear Chris...
    you know what, sorry just wouldn't do it if it was my equipment !!!
    Keep your equipment in it's case or on you ... agreed. 2 guns, 1 x Anschutz and 1 x Feinwerkbau (both FT versions) were stolen from a gunrack at a UK FT competition ... beware !

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    Gun case with 7 tumbler security lock, motion sensor alarm, thumb print recognition device and don't forget the trusty osketting with Tri-ooo lock to secure it to an inanimate, very heavy object.
    Just damaging my gun was a Sh%# experience. I have managed to repair the damage by filling the cracks and hoping for the best. A damaged and repaired stock is like a dinged car, it's never the same.

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