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    Don't know if any of you also had this problem. The bleeder valve on my charging kit started to leak when I was filling my rifle. SOLUTION was to use a hole punch, bicycle chube and walla. Place the cicular tube under the ball and it seals like a dream with very little screw tighting pressure.

    Use on your own risk, but for me it worked great.
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    I took the smallest o-ring I could find , but still had to pie-cut a section out to decrease the circumference. Then stuffed it down the hole followed but the bearing and then the bleed screw. Works a charm just like your inner tube solution.
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    It seems to be a problem with many of those adaptors.No risk involved in putting a piece of rubber underneath the ball.As long as it seals off and releases.The drill they used probably doesn't make a smooth rounding at the bottom.If you have the tools,you can take another ball,braze it upon a piece of roundbar.Put piece of watersanding paper[600+] underneath the ball onto the hole rounding and polish the hole.To clean,simply put it on bottle and blow clean.
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