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Thread: right handed thumbhole stock for left hand?

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    Default right handed thumbhole stock for left hand?


    the new BAM51 stock with improved finish look very decent. I would like to keep one for modifaction. is it possable to re-shape the BAM51 right handed thumb-hole stock for left hand use?

    btw. i left my cushion and tri-pod stool in stellenbosch shooting range this morning. if anyone picked up plz let me know. thx alot.
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    If it were possible Boondock I think the stock would start looking like the HW100T stock.Would be interesting to see if somebody gave it a try.I just have a funny feeling that the mod will cost more than what you want to pay for a Bam stock.Good luck in trying to get it right.
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    I really wanna try it. what kind tools do i need to cut and grind?

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    Elbow grease (lots)
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