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    Default The BSA Super Ten

    Since the subject of the Super Ten was raised recently, I acquired a cheap second hand example to have a good look at. The rifle is a Mk2 action, but had been fitted with a Mk1 stock as a previous owner had attempted to modfiy the Mk2 stock but had messed it up.

    So what do I think of the rifle - well I have never had much contact with these rifles before so I was actually quite pleasantly surprised at the quality of the construction and its performance on the range.

    The main action body appears to be an alloy extrusion that is finished in a satin black anodising. The rifle is regulated and in .177 calibre will give in excess of 100 shots from a 200 bar fill, the maximum fill pressure being 232 Bar.

    Consistency over the chrono was very good with shot to shot variations staying well under 10fps. On the range this translated to 50 metre groupings under 20mm - well up to the requirements of the hunting use this rifle is primarily designed for.

    The trigger on the rifle is a two-stage design featuring an adjustable post and shoe type trigger blade. The overall performance from the unit is well above what you might expect and would not be out of place on a full blown FT rifle. A very positive safety catch is located on the right hand side of the action, with the operating catch located in a slot on the stock.



    Will add some more comments on this shortly.


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    that looks like std issue JB bull barrel silencer.....did mr bowkett worked on the internals?

    i've changed my mind again, if i was to get one.....
    i will get the non bull barrel carbine with the mk3 or cs700/800 stock :drool :drool

    [link=hyperlink url]

    the top one......

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    Hi Hardy,

    The silencer is actually a Sandwell Field Sports model. The regulator has been checked over by me but did not need any serious working on as it performs pretty well as standard. Apart from giving the rifle's internals a clean I have not had to do anything major to it to give good performance.
    Adjustable post and shoe trigger blade.

    Safety catch, bolt handle and magazine assembly.

    Upright thumb rest added to rear of pistol grip.

    The biggest thing I have done was to rework the stock to give an upright thumb rest and to re-finish it in matt black as the varnish was looking a bit shabby.

    I am waiting to take delivery of a nice little Bushnell 3200 10x40 tactical scope for the rifle and I have just been offered a very nice Tyrolean walnut stock for it.............


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    The Mark 1 stock as fitted to my S10 is not the nicest looking bit of wood around given its semi-target styling, although it is quite comfortable in use. However the Mk2 and Mk3 variants of the rifle somewhat improved on the aesthetics of the stock, with the Mk3 version offering the best looks particularly where the foreend meets the buddy bottle.


    The above is the Mk3 carbine with factory bull-barrel shroud type silencer and (for 12Ft.lbs) in my opinion is the nicest looking of the S10 variants. For higher power use the full length rifle will be the better performer.

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    Hi Dale,

    the stock mods looks very paint/procedure did you use?

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    The thumb channel was cut using a combination of a rasp, rotary burrs and a small flap disc to finish it off.

    The original varnish was removed using Nitro-Mors Varnish/Lacquer Remover. After that I gave the entire stock a rubdown with steel wool to give the surface a light key for the paint.

    Paint is Plasti-Kote acrylic matt black, four coats over a 12 hour period. Kept it simple so if it gets scratched it will be easy to touch up.


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    I recently managed to acquire an after market custom stock to fit my Super 10. It is a walnut 'Tyrolean' pattern stock and somewhat improves the aesthetics over the original Mk1 beech stock that I had sprayed black.



    In terms of performance now that I have used the rifle, it is proving to be very accurate. It groups ten shots under 25mm at 50 metres. Power wise it is running consistently around the 780fps mark. In terms of number of shots per fill i have not chronographed a full string (it gets monotonous and uses up a lot of pellets) but I am getting well over 100 shots between refills.

    All in all a nice hunting rifle.


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