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    Default stock innovation

    from russia with innovation...

    who can tell what model of rifle was?

    click on the link to see more..

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    you mean "stock abomination"??

    I feel a chestburster coming on....

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    IMHO thats :flush

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    Bugger them all, Boondock. I think it's beautiful, no, gorgious - it's an eagle's head, no, it's a swastika as painted by Salvador Dali...

    But, after all it's a BAM50, right?

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    i like the idea of silencer...
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    Its a "Matador", made in Russia, the stock will cost you about US$500 and it looks like it was made to kill Demons. My Russian accomplice here says so...He He!

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    the maker of the rifle, i assume is the same guy that made the stock......had a few posts re the russian bull-pup a while back. unfortunately, i no longer can log into the forum, so can't find it for you.

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    He's made a few then, this one is Ser No' 0046 5.5mm, .22 near as damn it.

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    guess what.........just like that i can get in now???? maybe the local admin. is playing with me???? anywayz.........

    taken form

    his website [link=hyperlink url]

    original thread[link=hyperlink url] 05f03fa66b9606af24eeb6ca2b1

    " First of all I would like to apologize for my English but I do hope it will be quite enough to be understood by this respected society. A friend of mine sent me a link to this forum. As I am a man who makes these rifles I decided to answer any questions if there are any.

    As a matter of fact those rifles, on the picture above the page, are old models and I do not make them any more. To be more precise the design is almost the same but I use different materials. As a finished products it has following characteristics:

    1. Caliber .177, if a client provides me with a barrel of other caliber ? that is not a problem.
    2. The reservoir made of duralumin. The volume is approximately 350 cm3. EVERY reservoir goes through water pressure testing up to 450 bar.
    3. The working pressure for a rifle is 200-140 bar.
    4. The number of shots ? 50. Within this number of shots the speed of bullet keeps in a limit +/- 5 m/sec. The average speed of a 10,5 grain bullet (Crosman Premier) 300 m/sec. Speed of a bullet can be regulated manually from 220 m/sec up to 320 m/sec. but the best efficiency is when a rifle is tuned to have a CP 10,5 bullet speed 295 m/sec at 200 bar, then it goes up to 305 m/sec at 175 bar and goes down to 295 m/sec at about 140 bar. Then it keep doing down about 1-2 m/sec every shot. The rifle has also ?emergency? lever to decrease the bullet speed down to 100 m/sec in half a second and get it back in another half a second.
    5. The silencer quite effective. It is heard mostly the sound of working parts of a rifle, like the sound of a hummer, then air coming out of a barrel. Usually silencer is fixing to the end of a barrel but when a client want to have shorter rifle and the same length of a barrel as ?big? ones have (450 mm) I make integrated silencer ? only 50 mm in front of the end of a barrel and the rest goes back. There is a cone cut-plate installed at 18 mm before the end of a barrel and it turned the major part of an air to the back side of a silencer. In fact the sound is the same, not louder when using the ordinary silencer.
    6. The accuracy, that I guaranty, is 30 mm for ten shots at the distance 50 meters. In fact it goes better, up to 15 mm for ten shots at 50 meters.
    7. The trigger has primitive regulating but it is enough to regulated it as a client wants. Usually they want it to be very short and soft.
    8. As for cheekpiece ? there is no necessity to have it. The cheek quite comfortable placing on a body of a bolt, the angle of a body is good enough.
    9. When shooting there is not air coming out of the bolt so there is nor annoying feeling of the air in the eye :-) Besides the bolt itself is quite heavy, in comparison to a bullet. Even if you just close it but do no turn while shooting it goes back for little, bullet speed decrease just for 5-7 m/sec and the volume or air coming out of a loading shelf is not too much.
    10. The length of a rifle is about 780 mm. It is very comfortable to shoot from a car. Usually people buys these rifles to shot crows from cars.
    11. I sell such a rifles in Russia for approximately 650 Euro. But I have to say that to producing and selling such a rifles in Russia is illegal. I do not have any licenses and so.

    If you have some other questions, I would be pleased to provide you with any necessary information.

    By the way, the web page about my rifles is here

    With the best wishes



    PS. On the picture a new one, with the duralumin reservoir. This one is short, just 680 mm full length, made especially for a client?s request. Integrated silencer. The accuracy 20 mm for ten shots at 50 meters.

    Cannot add a picture! What should I do?! "

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