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Thread: Ultratech air rifle - why so inaccutate

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    Default Ultratech air rifle - why so inaccutate

    Hi all,

    I purchased 2 Ultratech air rifles for my kids and they must have shot about 1000 pellets each with them. I purchased one of those nice target boxes last weekend but they struggled to hit the targets. I have now spent 2 afternoons trying to set these rifles and even asked my friend to have a look and he also couldn't set them in.

    In one shot it will shoot too much to the left and the next shot it will shoot too much too the right. We tried a air rifle scope but the problem persisted. We tried without a scope and still the problem persisted. All the screws holding the barrel are thight.

    Not sure what is going on here, even thought of selling them and buying a better quality air rifle as these are useless the way they are.

    Any suggestions on what might be wrong here are welcome, please advise... B)
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    best to sell them...and get one decent rifle.
    probably loose barrel hinges??
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    i had the same problem, except only when shooting with scopes. it turned out to be the loose lock-up barrel/pivot. try tighten the pivot screw or add washers (cut plastic bottle)...

    good luck
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