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Thread: Steyr HP in progress

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    Default Steyr HP in progress

    Busy customizing my new Steyr HP...hehehe...BTW how do you post pics here?

    This rifle is really cool...have just made\adapted an adjustable Wegu buttpad for it. Have also made a butt-hook attachment.
    Have weighted the rear of the stock with some .44Mag slugs inserted behind the butt-pad.
    Next I need to build a nice thick heavy fore-end.

    It is extremely accurate and consistent.
    The trigger is SUPERB...dont forget it is a 10M olympic match trigger.
    This particular rifle is the 24J [18ft\lbs ] version
    The reg is set at 140 bar but just by slightly turning back the striker I get 12ft\lbs.
    The 16J version works at 90bar but it is not possible to turn up the velocity much above 13ft\ do get a better shot count though.
    I like the adaptability of the 140bar version.
    Will post a string of velocities soon.

    Extremely quiet with the Manders silencer...quieter than my S200 with AA pickle.

    Now I need to get a .20 Cal barrel from my friend Hector Medina in Mexico.
    He gets a cool 28ft\lbs with Premiers and accuracy of the HW barrels he adapts for the Steyrs is supposed to be outstanding...nice hunting rig.

    OK...back to the workshop...
    And my Talon bipod fits on top of the front Steyr rail...this rifle is going to be a multi-use beast of note.

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    EEISH!!!! !amazed !amazed !amazed keep me posted on the progress pls, and some pics if it's possible.

    my e-mail:


    btw, o' hector, top guy got some advice from him off the dianawerk forum once.
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    wohoooooo..made 4 stars...
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    Here you go

    How many shots per fill at full power?
    Price please! ....eeeh never mind i can't afford it. x)
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    How do you post pics??????????????????

    Still testing the shots per fill...probably 100 at 12ft\lbs and 50 at 18ft\lbs

    Busy making a new trigger blade as we adapting a fully adjustable one from a Hammerli free pistol...looks sooo cooollll....

    Price is about R9000 for the HP and R13500 for the FT
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    link the pics to the post using the img tab.

    i see chambers is selling hw blanks....... 44 quid and 18 for shipping

    [link=hyperlink url]
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    I'll post the pics - you get me a decent discount on the LG!
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