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    Default sponsorships........

    !amazed !amazed eeish-ka-bahb........with all the sponsorship deals lately......i thought i would get this out in the's like asking a girl out i suppose.......she can only say no.


    avid ft shooter looking for sponsorship in the form of a 4X4/SUV.

    preferably with petrol/diesel throw in the deal, and the vehicle must be colour-coded to my shooting ensemble :smokin .
    also, integrated work bench/rifle racks in the back with a roof top tent (for all those road trips) :screwy :screwy

    vehicles considered: range rover sport (any model), or 2000 model pajero evo manual (the one with da fins)........

    only serious offers need apply.....

    :rofl :rofl :rofl

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    lol that must be a good dream :rotflmao

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    hey urabus, got this car for sporsership that i thought fitted ur description, dont know how long ago you were looking for the sponsership but let me know if you interested

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    Sven no company branding??????

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    What on Earth is Baghdad Taxi doing there?

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