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    I want to call on everyone who loves the FT sport to make a concerted effort to increase the number of SAFTAA members. If everybody that is currently addicted to FT can add one member from his circle of influence to join we can double our membership overnight. I am convinced that there are many people out there that have no idea what the sport is about. So whenever you speak to someone that might be a prospect PLEASE!!!!!!!! promote the sport. The more members we have the stronger our voice will be heard. I am convinced that FT will grow in SA. How quickly will depend on our members and how passionate they are about FT.

    Die Afrikaanse spreekwoord: waarvan die hart van vol is loop die mond van oor.

    Please talk about FT whenever and wherever you get the chance and sell your friends on this wonderfull sport.

    I thank you all in advance.
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    I don't know about SAFTAA membership; currently I can't see what SAFTAA has to offer for me as individual who is not competing in the the SA top ten.

    On the otherhand, I will promote the sport and get people to join our club. My club does a lot more for me as a "non" competing individual than SAFTAA.

    As I see the situation now, it is only needed to join SAFTAA if you want to compete nationally or internationally. Since I don't have the skills to do that yet, I will wait to join the governing bodies and rather spend that money on pellets to practice.

    Please can other people also give me feedback on this statement. Understand me correctly: I love the sport and will promote it and keep on shooting. At this moment I would rather join the AA team(I wish).
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    Arnold I dont really agree with you.If every member that was not in the top ten thought the same way as you there would be no SAFTAA.I think every sport needs a controling body.To date I have no gripes with SAFTAA.If there were no SAFTAA there would also be no chance of the wordls being held in SA.Out FT sport is so new in the country I have to agree with Iaan .The more members we find the better things will get.The funds collected from lets say 60 SAFTAA members wont make any impact .If it were 2000 members then we might even begin to see the SA team compete at SAFTAA's expence.To compete nationally you need to accept that somebody will be calling the shots.To shoot on a social level you dont need to be a SAFTAA member.All the clubs I have been to have been real glad to have me there for the day.The fact that I am a SAFTAA member has just allowed me to shoot at a bit of a lower cost at some of the clubs.I think you need to look at what your intensions are.To be a social shooter SAFTAA may not be for you .I look at it this way .It is up to the Individual .
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    hi arnold,
    this is how i see it.....NB it's my view and it's not necessarily the view of SAFTAA.

    help SAFTAA to help you.

    think of it as ur contribution to the sport of field target in SA. SAFTAA is not the the chair or vice's not the rules officer nor the's you and i, ie. us the FT shooters in SA. look at the big it to grow, give it 2 yrs.....then decide. between us, if you are still not satisfied, i will refund you the affiliation fees personally (in pellets )

    without SAFTAA ie no leagues, nationals, interclubs, the national think any dealers/importers would spnsor shooter/s with race guns and air tickets?
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    R150-00 is not even 3 tins of decent pellets. 10-12 cups of coffe/tea at Wimpey. One meal at a restuarant (if you don't drink more than one beer) You save that after having shot at 5 friendly competitions. Come on, have a hart, pay, "it is the right thing to do." (As they say at the SABC.) :jester
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