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    Can anybody tell me how the QB79 rates as a budget PCP?

    Me and some friends are trying to esablish a FT club down here in the SWD area. We got permission from the town council to use ,what was once a shot gun shooting range, as our range for now. In about 6 months time this range will then move to a huge farm. The reason I ask is that we want to get people involved in the sport and as such we are looking at purchasing afew of these rifle to be used as loan rifles by people. Most people down here use springers, but they want to get PCPs but don't want to spend the money at this stage, as there isn't any real clubs down here.

    We have thought about getting afew BAM50/51s but for the price of 4 BAM's if have heard that we might be able to get between 6-8 QB79s. Is it worth going for the QB79s or should we rather opt for the fewer BAM50/51s? Plus nobody in my area want to really commit to a price on either rifle. I have prices ranging from R3200 - R5500 for a barebone (ie no scope) BAM 50 and R750 - R1200 for a barbone QB79. Have seem the QB79s for R850 on greatdeal, but I dont want to buy from them as so mony people have had bad experiences with them.

    Any info would greatly be apprecaited.
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    I have no experience with the QB79, but have owned a B50 ... so here goes.

    When I started looking at pcp's I also considered getting the QB. Then I started looking at running costs and the CO2 used for the QB are more expensive than compressed air. This and the fact that I read some reviews of the QB which states that its QC is worst than the B50/51 made up my mind to go for the B50.

    I would suggest you contact Warrick in this regard as he works on both these guns and could give you better advice and probably prices too.

    This will be great if you guys start a club! Then we could have interclub competitions with you guys. It definetly beats driving up to Joburg.
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    I got my nephew a QB79 for his b'day a while ago from a local gunshop for R700. Must admit it is a real rough/crude piece of work. But when I looked a bit closer I decided: If one can find a lekka one with a good barrel and do some work on the overall cosmetics and stock, then it should be a good shooter.

    So, I got another for my girlfriend, also for R700. Stripped the kaka varnish, rose-stained and rapeseed-oiled the stock and fitted a nice Bisley rubber butpad. Stripped the whole gun's mechanics, polished, oiled, etc, etc. Reassembled what now looks like a spiffy rifle. Took off the cheesy tincan sights and plonked a 4x28 scope for R150 on top. Got an aluminium 9oz CO2 bottle from a paintball shop for R120 (filled) and fitted it. They charge R5 for a refill btw.

    So for R970 a lot of elbow grease+sweat she now owns a rather nice looking rifle. Shoots OK imo, but I've not benchrested it yet to see exactly how accurate it is. Just that I know for less than R1000 and only R5 per CO2 fill, she's got a great plinker if nothing else plus the advantage that it's easy to cock for girls & kids.
    Maybe someone else can comment on it's overall accuracy and applicability to FT.
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    Hi Alien. Whit the prices you have been quoted for BAM's I even sugest you talk to me. "Bare bones" BAM51 is R2250. Tuned for FT shooting is R2695. Scoped with for eg Nikko 8-34X44 Nighteater with dive tank and adaptor R5700, add R440 for FT tuning.

    The QB78/79 and AR78 rifles are good value for money, they are the rifles I started shooting with and tuning, email me on and I will forward you groupings shot with all three on Co2 and air fills. The QB79 with full tune, trigger, firing valve and powertune +-790fps with Co2 is R985, I strongly sugest buying tuned because then I have to deal with a "Friday gun", the barrels are good they are made by BAM and if you use refillable Co2 (I can get these for as well) paintball cylinders you are shooting 400+ shots on a R5 to R9 fill ie +- 3 cents a shot!!!

    Good luck with the club, we need every club and shooter we can get into the sport.
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