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    Lets say the year is 1985, you are an airgun enthusiast and you fancy trying something different, so what is available?

    Well you could consider the Daystate Midas, a rifle that will give you around 40 full power shots from a fill of air:



    This rather striking looking rifle is one of the early examples of the new breed of pre-charged rifles, in the mid 80's this rather basic looking gun was really quite an eye opener. The brass air reservoir adds a certain beauty to the rifle and is the derivation of its name 'Midas'. Earlier examples of the rifle featured stainless steel reservoirs. This particular rifle serial no. HL1196 I believe was manufactured somewhere in the time period 1984 to 1986, although I will need to contact Daystate to confirm the exact date of manufacture.

    Another unusual feature is the presence of open sights, although this rifle is currently missing its rearsight (I will find one to fit). The foresight looks like it has been borrowed from a centrefire hunting rifle:


    The trigger mechanism on the rifle is a basic single stage unit, well basic isn't quite the right word - actually crude is closer to the mark:


    When I first got the rifle the trigger had considerable creep, which I found unacceptable, so as there is no facility for adjustment, a bit of judicious filing of the bent and then case hardening (hence the loss of the bluing at the left hand end of the trigger) has given a crisp and reliable trigger pull, also a small spring guide/ overtravel stop has been added.

    To fill the rifle there is no luxury of a quick fill connector, you screw the air pipe onto the connector and tighten it with a spanner. Seems terribly slow nowadays, but when I first started FT, quick fill connectors had not yet been considered for air rifles.

    Over the chrono the rifle is fairly consistent with a +/- variation of around 9fps with velocity averaging 645fps with .22 RWS Hobby pellets (11.39Gr). Have yet to work out optimum fill pressure and exactly how many consistent shots it will give.

    Once I have some range results with this old timer I will share them with you. It is an interesting piece of modern airgun history and one of the forebears of the current range of guns we all know and enjoy.

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    wHAT A BEAUT. You must hang onto it at ALL cost!
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    Which we had a second-hand market like you guys Dale!!
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