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    I have been a shooter and reloader for some years now but never bothered much with airguns. Well, a while back I went to buy a cheap Industry B-2 springer for my buddy's son's birthday and found out that with a little bit of work (tightened the slot which the barrel fit into and glassed bedded the stock), the thing actually shot into 3/4 inch from 10m with a rotten 14lbs trigger, bad sight and all. That was then I decided to start shooting airguns as well (it is cool not having to spend hours to relaod ammo and pick up cases). Seeing that I am new, can any one tell me how often must I lube the spring/pistol and just how long would the seals last? What kinda maintenance do I need and how long would a spinger last?
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    Welcome Stopper, most of the Big Boys are off, playing with their Toys (Inter provincial shoot in KZN) Just stick around. This is the most informetif(spelling) Forum you will ever find.

    Once you've taken all the muck out of the cilinder and cleaned it well, greased with non petrolium grease, you'll be well on your way.

    Have a nice stay
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    Hi Stopper,

    The B2 will not last long if you shoot it very often. Mine is all ready in the junk box, Do not over lubricate inside the piston. Visit the web site there is a lot of info regarding chines air rifles.
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