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    I'm sitting around at work, lots of time to waste. Can anybody tell me if it is possible to make/cast/press/whatever your own pellets? Is it being done? Reloaders and blackpowder shooters cast their own bullets and that set me thinking that it should be possible to do the same for air rifles. This should also help solve some of the issues shooters have with the quality of pellets that are available over the counter etc. I have read somewhere (Magnum, I think) about a guy whose father made his own pellets from lead sheet during the war years. Can become quite an economical alternative if you shoot enough....

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    Hi Kobus,

    Over the years there have been a few attempts at this.

    One item that was sold was called the LEM Spitzer mould, basically a little single cavity .22 conical bullet mould. I acquired one out of curiosity a while back - the results from it are singularly unimpressive the bullets grouping more akin to a shotgun pattern.

    I remember also a couple of attempts to swage pellets (usually reforming existing airgun pellets into other shapes) but again results were disappointing and the ideas sank without trace.

    From what I can tell the only succesful home made airgun projectiles are for the antique air canes of large calibre which were often supplied with bullet and or ball moulds, and probably for the custom large calibre airguns that you sometimes see advertised.


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    Hi Kobus,

    Accidentally double clicked the post button!

    Further to my previous reply, one other point is you would need to very accurately weigh the amount of lead used for each pellet as unlike bullets for firearms where a 0.5 grain variance on say a 158 grain bullet for a .357 Magnum will be negligible in terms of performance, given the lower weight of an airgun pellet you have less margin for error.

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    There really is no point in swaging a .177 pellet.
    The selection out there is astounding...

    Swaging [and casting] only really makes sense in .22cal and up when heavy pellets are required.

    Swaging using a Corbin press gives you precise pellet weights every time and you can control the length and weight by adjusting the die.You use lead core which is commercially available.
    Several projectile shapes are available.
    The Pelletman in the States sells swaged pellets online.
    Read the Corbin link is very informative...

    Casting is an entirely different process and you only really have control over the composition of your lead alloy mix...

    To try and make .177 pellets is difficult due to their small size...

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