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    Good Morning All

    I have been reading through the threads wrt scope choice, but really need some further help. Currently I have a Hawke 3-12x50 IR (objective parallax adjustment) scope mounted to my FX Typhoon. I am interested in FT shooting. My question is: Do I have to upgrade to a higher magnification (I know this would help with judging distances more accurately)? If so what should I look for? The Nikko Stirling 8-32x44 is higher with side wheel adjustment and 25mm tube (as currently), but the 6-24x50 also has an illuminated reticle with 30mm tube (new rings needed) My second question is: Is having an IR beneficial? Should I rather look at the Hawke sidewinder series as an option as oposed to Nikko Stirling? Should I rather save up for a while and get a 10-50x60?

    Please help!!!!

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    whistler , at this stage I think you should make sure your FX Typhoon is 12 fp.Then to start just use the scope you have.Once you have seen the scopes that the the other blokes are using then start looking for something yourself.The Nikko's are OK but the mil dots are a bit too far apart.The Hawks have better mil dot spacing than the small Nikko's.The 10-50x60 is a great FT scope,you have to get used to using a high power scope.
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    whistler, i am useing a Nikko Stirling 6-24x40 it is ok for now but i can the bennefit of having a bigger scope, this will be my next buy. i agree with allan the mildots are miles appart. from center to first milldot a have to shoot 50m. 45m is 1/2 of the first milldot takes getting used too.
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