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    Default Custom HW97K

    I have finally acquired an HW97K after finding this little gem for sale at a shoot on Sunday:



    It has been tuned by its previous owner including fitting a fixed spring guide in to the back block and the addition of a Venom spring and piston head. The barrel has been shortened to 12 inches and fitted with a home made, but very effective silencer. The underlever now features a sprung ball catch rather than the push button and the trigger blade has been replaced by a straight brass target style blade.

    The icing on the cake though is the stock, it is an old Airgun Centre 'Zephyr' FT stock from circa 1988, originally fitted to an old HW77 action but swapped over onto this action.

    The tuning has worked rather well with very little noise while cocking and a crisp fast and twang free firing stroke.

    It is currently fitted with a 6x40 Tasco scope, but when I get some mounts I will put something a bit bigger on it to see what it is really capable of.

    It will also be interesting to put it head to head with my TX200 Mk1.


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    Hi Dale ,

    I take it you'll post the results of the test shoot soon , then what ever else you do to it . I must say it looks the business .

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    Hi Gerry,

    If the weather is decent I might give it a whiz this weekend, just got to lay my hands on a set of mounts so I can put a slightly bigger scope on it.


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    How about temporarily butcherying a set from one of the others? ;impgrin

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