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Thread: Seen the latest Gamo range?

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    Default Seen the latest Gamo range?

    Have anybody seen the latest Gamo range?

    [link=hyperlink url]

    The range includes their new Ballistic Alloy pellets or PBAs, Ballistic Tipped pellets, Pointed Hollow Point pellets, moving target and various new rifles. Other then the fps being somwhat overrated on these rifles some of them look quite nice.
    For some reason I love the stock on the new Viper. *Wonders If I can find one for my Hunter 440*
    They are also moving towards the bullbarrels and flutted bullbarrels in the new range.

    What do you think?
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    I like the Recon.What I have seen for myself is that funny shaped pellets dont fly well.The Raptor pellets look like a bit of BLING BLING.I would like to know what long term use will do to your barrel.
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