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    In the "Are we being ripped off" thread I vented my anger at Air Arms over their service, in particular, the fact that they took my money for something they said they couldnt supply.

    I would like to make it clear that this was directed at "Air Arms UK" and NOT at our local dealer, who I and a considerable number of others, have had good service from.

    There are many Air Arms shooters, me being one, and their Guns are well renowned for reliabilty and accuracy and I would not wish my comments to influence anyone when deciding on a new purchase.

    I would like to apologise sincerely to Mike and Louis for any embarrasment I have caused because of the post.

    Hopefully they will still sell me the much needed Bipod.
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    Hi Brian,
    I only read your post this morning and I knew immediately that you are referring to Uk not local AA. I for one know you for a while and also know that you have enough savvy to recognize the good service we enjoy from the local AA guys and T/S. If somebody lives on another planet and according to SA standards does not know good service if it jumped up and bit him in goolies it is not your fault at all. Luckily very few of us deal with the overseas guys so it does not impact on us as much. Importer and company deal with that on out behalf as well.
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