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    Something I have read about on several occasions, but somehow meant very little to me before is the concept of knowing your equipment. Personally this goes beyond knowing the difference between the but and the stock (and her but). To me this means knowing and understanding your scopes adjustments and affects of one on the other. Further more one should be totally familiar with the pellet fired, like the drop over distance, which one will give best penetrations, create the largest wound channel and of course accuracy?
    So here is the thing, you need access to a shooting range in order to be able to pace out various distances and so on. So here is my question, I live in the Germiston area, can some one give me one or maybe even two shooting ranges in my area either with directions or an address. (I miss the floor with my hat without directions). Of course any additional tests and advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Oh, and while I am at it, is there anyone on this forum interested in black powder?
    Finally may I wish everyone the best for the New Year ahead.


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    I would suggest that everyone should download and install Chairgun from
    It is an awesome program and gives real life trajectories for any pellet\velocity combo.
    It is infinitely customizeable and has some really cool features...even goes as far as having a scope shimming calculator, turret label printing function, inclined shooting trajectories, conversions, bottle charging calculator, max range calculator, mil-dot hold-over calculator,etc etc
    It even analyzes your target and gives you deviations etc.
    And it is free...!!!

    BTW has anyone found that a BC of 0.019 is about correct for he JSB \AA fields?
    The AA field pellet in Chairgun is incorrectly listed at 8.1grains instead of 8.4 but you can create your own pellet database.

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    Hi Guido
    Spoke to our good pal Mel, I am absolutely green with envy to hear of your Xmas gifts, scopes Steyrs etc. Yum Yum. I am using chairgun and find it a brilliant application. I have not yet done BC on JSB AA but find accupel spoton.

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    So am I of the misconception that every weapon will have its own characteristics?

    It is just that I have been repeatedly told that there is no single pellet that works for a particular weapon, but rather to experiment. Is this true or not?

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    I have experimented and found that accupels gives the best results in the CZ200S. AA Field works OK, fellow shooters with AA 400 classics swear by AA pellets and will use nothing else. Yes experiment. Shoot 5 shot groups at 10, 15, 25, 30, 40 & 45 yards.
    Compare target cards, it will tell you the truth about what your gun likes.


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    I have found though that JSB\AA fields work well in pretty much every rifle I have shot them thru below 880fps.

    Barracudas also do well in most weapons in the 730 to 900fps range.

    Not the same holds true for Accupels\Crosman Premiers...HW and Anschutz barrels do not seem to like them.

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    Hey WolfFlow

    I'm constantly looking a place to shoot for those exact same reasons. I use to shoot in the factory (nice 'n windless) at marked out targets. However that was during the 'product wind-down' in December. If I do know of an upcoming weekend where our factory will indeed be close your more than welcome to come along. I will contact you when this does happen.
    That said though - don't hold your breath for a date in the next month or two. Mines are notorious for rush orders at the start of the year.

    Would like to add though, that Chairgun was very accurate (I was out about 3.5 mm at 49 meters (45 y ards) drop vs my real world physics.



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    Cool, thanks very much Avion, I really just want to get a better idea of how the rifle performs and where its weaknesses are.

    I have down loaded chairgun and I will definately look into how to use the software in the mean time. It does look to be a very comprehensive piece of software.

    Thanks guys.

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