After a lot of pondering and window shopping I decided to buy a "budget" rangefinder. Main reason being that I'm planning on using a rangefinder to better my own short distance judging skills and thereafter for the odd "wonder how far that windmill is" occasions.

I found the Nikko Stirling F501 in the sub R1500 category and decided to give it a try. It does the job, fast lock-on, easy operation, clear view, it goes down to a mere 5 meter, closer than a lot of the more expensive instruments would do. It reaches to 800 meter, way further than I need for airgunning or archery. To me, a big plus is the fact that it uses AAA batteries, I have a pet hate for devices using hard to come by power sources given the extent of gadgets I take along when I camp/travel. It has a scan mode that updates the reading as you approach a target or it approaches you

In the box: Rangefinder and batteries, wrist strap, carry case and instruction manual in broken English.

Only negative I could find: It lacks in the "looks durable" category because of the grey typical plastic finish on the back section.
It's not as compact as the more expensive models but I don't plan on carrying it in my breast pocket.

Value for money, excellent.