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    Default DIY pelletholder...

    This is the easiest to make, cheapest and probably best pellet holder I have ever devised.
    You need some foam strip with the adhesive backing as used to line door and window frames to stop draughts.
    Available from most hardwares.
    I used one which is about 12mm wide by 7mm thick.

    Cut a piece to fit onto any convenient part of your rifle [even your forehead if it makes you feel gung-ho]
    Using a soldering iron with a conical tapered tip melt holes along it's length from both sides so as to inflict an hour-glass profiled hole which will hold the pellet in place.
    Turning the soldering iron in the hole makes it neater.
    Experiment on a small piece first to get the correct depth and width.

    How easy is that?? :beer:

    Mmm...maybe I should patent it?

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    Nice one guido.

    Note for people wrapping it around their scopes...

    Make sure you get the scope surface really clean, otherwise in 24 hours the foam tape starts to curl off. The second time I did this on my Gamo, I used some Sunlight liquid, let it dry, then a quick blast with some of my wife's hair spray. Stuck like a pig in swill after that.

    Never thought of using a soldering iron though - makes it a lot neater than a steak knife. Lot safer too! :>

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    Here is my pelletholder I made

    here is how I made it it off a youtube
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