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Thread: Round, any good?

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    Default Round, any good?

    I am toying with the idea of using those round/ball shaped pellets. My reasons are:

    They are heavier than other pellets

    The shape along with shorther lenght will mean less wind sensitivty.

    Easier to load and possiblly less chance of damaged pellets due to the lack of skirt.

    The question is: do they shoot accurately? I know that every guns is differeret but still like to hear if anyone has tried it.

    Last thing, who actually stock them? looking for some Gamo Rocket and TS10 as well.
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    First problem is that the "balls" have a small diamiter 4.4 or something in that range. If it worked the UK guys would have use it long ago, they don't.
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    I don't know if they will work or not, but I don't want to try. Consider that they are usually used in pistols at low velocities (not that 125m/s is really that low) and all FT target advise you not to use them. WHY? Well because of their weight to do loose energy that fast and hitting a target at 50m with about 8ftlb of energy will mean that sucker will ricocete and there really isn't any way to know in which way it will travel and that is BAD!!
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