The other day, I got stuck in the house having nothing better to do, so I decided to take out all my junk springer pistols to see the acuraccy I can get with different pellets. I used Kovohute Lux, Master and standard, Marksman round, Gamo pro-magnum, pro-match and match, Alarz round and flat, Apollo (don't laught, I got them for free). The pellets were from the same tins and I made visual check to make sure that the pellets weren't deformed (the Apollo pellets were so bad that I gave up after failing to find enough normal looking ones in the pack).

Here are the results (all groups, 10 shots at 10m off hand):

Industry QS35
Best group: Gamo pro-match (45mm) and Alarz flat (50mm)
Stuck: Kovohute LUX and Master (all non flat nose ones were so long that I could not colse the loading gate.

Crosman 972 (Black Venom)
Best group: Gamo pro-magnum (72mm) Gamo match (67mm)
Stuck: everything except Gamo match,pro-magnum and Kovohute standard (The Kovohute std actually fall trough the barrel sometimes).

Gamo P800
Best group: Alarz round (44mm), Marksman (40mm)
Stuck: Kovohute standard.

Gamo PR45 (pump up)
Best group Kovohute Master (12mm), Gamo match (11mm)
Stuck: Alarz round and flat

I found the results very interesting, While I knew that every guns had its own perfered pellets, I didn't know that each gun had a brand or two pellets that would get stuck in the chamber.

Now my questions:

1) I only get smoke in the barrel of QS 35 if the pellets is stuck, but doesn't Dieseling make to pellets go faster?

2) The Kovohute standard actually falls through the barrel the Crosman sometimes (supposed to have the least resistance) but gets stuck in the P800 most of the time, any logical reason?

3) The alarz round get stuck in the Pr45 70% of the time but when it shoots, all pellets land to the same point of impact (30mm group). Then I chronographed them, if the pellets don't get stuck, they research about 330-360 ft/s evertime, not once I got anything under 300, If the brand of pellets sometimes gets stuck, shouldn't I be getting anything between 0-360fps?

I really don't understand this.