I went into town yesterday and while waiting for my bakkies wheel alignment I walked around some shops and noticed a rangefinder amongst the Lynx scopes and binos . At first I thought it was a lynx , but then I noticed that it the label on it just says "Distributed by Lynx" .

It being my first time in town in 2 months I was in a spending mood and after getting asurance from the gunshop salesman that i will get backup if needed I took it.
The Price was R2680 .
The brand apears to RANGER Below that it says "Lazer range & speed finder" and " LRS-500 6x23 MONOCULAR"
Pecs here http://www.lynxoptics.com/PDF/Specif...%20LRS-500.pdf

It has 2 buttons , one for ON and Rangeing , the other to select between distance and speed and between yards and meters.

Ive tested it for acuracy up to a measured 100m and it is spot on .
The range indicated in the manual is 500m (1m acuracy), I did get results on a rock at 474m , and on a telephone pole at 412m .I only need it up to 250 m and I found it easy ebnough to get a reading on smaller items.

For airgunning use it works great on a starling sized target at 60m , and at longer distances it works on the tree. Switching it on takes a second , and at the second press of the button it instantly gives the reading. It turns off automaticaly after 20 sec not used , so i just pop it back in my pocket and take the shot , all very quick.

Its compact and easily fits in my shirt pocket, handy for frequent use.

It can measure speed but I havent tried it yet.

It uses a 3v CR2 lithium battery.

It came with a nylon pouch with a side pocket for a spare battery.

The Optics arent great , but I can still make out a bit more detail than with the naked eye.

The only thing that Id like improved on it is that the ranging button be a bit lighter to press as I tend to go off target when I press it using just one hand. If theres no background like in the trees it does however give you some time to get on target after pressing the button.

I have not owned other rangefinders , so I cannot compare it .
Regarding the price , its about a R1000 less than i would have paid for the other available rangefinders . I would say if you can afford/motivate for better quality go for it. I am happy so far with this one.

The only discussion i could get about this one on the net.