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Thread: How fast must a pellet be?

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    Default How fast must a pellet be?

    I am going wing shooting soon and the owner of the place told me that I am welcome to shoot some pigeons with my air-gun as well (when the wing shooting is not happening, don't want any leadshots in me!). Seeing that I can shoot my Gamo Pr45 pistol better than my cheap springer rifle (<15mm at 10m from any position) off hand, I might just give it a try. It did some test and found out the cylinder will hold the pressure for at least 30min before any measureable drop in belocity. Question is it only gives 360fp/s with Camo pro-mag, it is enough for a clean kill if I hit the vitals? I have had my fair share of wounded birds when I was a kid and don't want that to happen ever again. The range will be short under 6m as I intend to stalk as close as I can, I am taking my gillie suit along for that (got it years back but still looking for an excuse to use it). If I get within 4m then I will try head shot.

    Pistol, to be or not to be, that is the question.
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    pistol hunting can be challenging..

    bodyshot with 360fps in 10m u should paralyse the bird and a quick reload and follow shot to finish up.

    headshot in 10m drop like a stone..
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    You need at least 4fpe at your target distance for a clean kill (ie 550fps with Gamo Pro Mag), anything less would be irresponsible and would not produce a clean one shot kill. Hunt Responsibly!
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