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Thread: HW40 Air Pistol Trigger ?

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    Default HW40 Air Pistol Trigger ?

    Has anyone come accross this?

    I have not had my second HW40 for long now, about 500 shots though it. What is happening now is that, when you pull the trigger and the first stage is complete, it trigger stops for the beginning of the second stage. Under normal circumstances, if you squeeze the trigger further the shot should be released. But instead, i can pull the trigger right to the back of its second stage length. With the slightest release of pressure on the trigger blade from this back position, the shot now only releases.

    I know of one other HW40 that simply refuse to release the trigger even if you pull it five or six time after each other

    This is my seocnd HW40 and my previous one (which i sold to my brother as he was super impressed with it) had none of this nonsence.

    I have not fiddled with the trigger or opened the pistol. (might this be the problem? Needs cleaning after 500 shot?)

    Anybody knows what going on here, please?

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    hehe... u r not alone...

    found the answer for u...

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    Don't know, but I have exactly the same problem with my HW40, except mine was doing this right from the start.

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    Marius just screw in the trigger adjustment screw a few turns.
    The HW40 you sold to your brother was my old HW40 which also did that a few times.

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    Thanks Guido, i will try it and let you know

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    tks for the info.........

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