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    The CAR website's Download page is now updated.

    We (CAR) would like to provide you and all the noobs to the sport with some vital information that is difficult to get hold of. Also we will try to do regular reviews on products that we can get our hands on to give the prospective buyer some objective info on the product. It all won't be very good products like reviewed in the AG or AGW, but will be compared to the best products that we have had the privelage to enjoy.

    Available to download now is a Pellet Velocity vs. Shot count/Pressure sheet you can use to do your own testing. You just need to fill in your readings on the sheet instead of the readings of the S400 test rifle. For further instructions please visit [link=]CAR Downloads page[/link]

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    Some nice info on how to set up your scope is now available to down load from the [link=]CAR website[/link], also the links page is updated.

    We will keep updating our site to give shooters info that is difficult to get hold of or just interesting and informative to read. We are aiming to give beginners a good place to look for info, but also info for the advanced shooter that wants to hone his skills.

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    The set up your scope info is brilliant, thanks Arnold.

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    i'd still battle:P

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    New links are up in the download page.

    Check it out and help us to create a nice database.

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