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    Hi! I want to purchase a air pistol and would like to know which is the more powerfull, CO2 pistols or springer? Also what would you recommend regarding air rifles I have about R1500 to spend
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    co2 pistol might more powerful depend the weather condition.

    but to find a pistol accurate enough from co2 or springer is not so easy..

    if u can pick up a gamo cfx springer around R1500 then it's not bad i guess.. even it's not my type but some poeple handled it well...

    otherwise... invest a starter pcp at slight more cost will be much much better...
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    Why not a single stroke pump up pistol? Got my Gamo PR45 for R780 from Greatdeal (don't buy from them!) last month. 1 inch at 10m with most pellets and just over 1/2 inch with Gamo match and Kovohute Master/Lux. balance well in the hand. The only two complains are rear sight notch not wide enough and trigger being a bit to heavy (30min with a needle file and #1000 sand paper took care of both of them). The Gamo AF10 would have been a good choice if the sight was fully adjustable.

    I understand the HW40 is good as well but costs some R700 more and that's the price of 15000 Gamo pro-match pellets.

    I beileve many springer are more accurate than most people beileve but most shooters can't shoot them well (myslef included).
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    I agree with you Stopper, springers are underestimated in their performance and most folk starting in airgunning only have springers. If they see more shooters with them they wont feel that their rifle isn't good enough for club shoots.

    I love my springer, I'm not too accurate with it yet, mainly because of a lack of practice, but that will change. I will get a PCP in the future, but I'm having a joll with my springer now.
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