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Thread: Newbie wants to buy a Gamo SHadow 640

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    Default Newbie wants to buy a Gamo SHadow 640

    Hi all.

    Well i finally decided to buy my first air rifle, and so decided to do so on the net.I'm very interested in the Gamo Shadow 640.

    I googled and got a whole lot of this site called and found their pricing pritty good and so i ordered through them tonight.

    But after that i regsitered here after trying to find links to air rifles in SA and found out that aint all its cracked up to be.

    Are there any other reliable online sites i can go to to get this rifle.Also i see links to security world and targetspecialist in here and the site which has even better prices, but its not an online store as such, and im in Jhb, theyre in CT.

    Would Secutiy World have stock of such rifles because there is one just down the road from me in FOURWAYS shopping mall, but ive never been in one of their stores before.

    Which is the best option to take here to get this rifle, at a reasonable price?Does it cost more when you go directly to a store over the internet?

    Anyone tried

    Any suggestions would be appreciated?


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    Go visit a decent AIR RIFLE shop before you buy anything. Security world will sell you crap just for the sake of making a sale. Most of the previous newbies will tell you that they wish they did it before buying.
    Gamo is not too bad but there is a lot better out there, it all depends on your budget and personal taste.
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    Where abouts in JHB are you?
    Target Specialists are in PTA and Boksburg, Guthries in Midrand etc...

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