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    I've bought a manders moderator, because the AA one is too bulky and i wanted to cut down on the overall lenght of the S400, but now my previously whisper quiet gun is waking up the neighbours.

    Any idea how to get the noise down without going back to the AA can.

    and Yes i know i'm not suppose to shoot in my backyard - at least i'm not poaching!
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    Try moving the silencer forward about 3-5mm at a time and see if it makes a difference, works on the HW100.
    Let me know if it helps
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    The Manders moderator should be nearly as quiet as the AA one.
    On my Steyr and Talon it is very effective...perhaps it does not suit the S400.
    How did you mount it on the S400?
    Is it perhaps leaking air around the adaptor?
    There is an o-ring in the adaptor that the end of the barrel has to butt up against.

    I have also discovered some interesting facts after experimenting with silencers...
    Some rifles, especially those with longer barrels or with a very fast lock time [valve open duration] seem to work well with the Manders since there is very little or no air behind the pellet once this enters the silencer.
    Regulated guns also benefit.

    On the s400 I suspect that there is still a lot of air coming down the barrel once the pellet has left...that is where the extra large initial chamber in the AA silencer is effective. The Manders does not have this initial chamber.
    This also explains why moving the HW100 silencer forwards has a marked effect.
    Looks like you will have to save the Manders for the forthcoming HP..hehe
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    The AA silencer might be big but it's very effective !
    <span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Wed Jan 19 2005, 03:34PM ]</span>
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    I've put the AA can back on, so problem solved. Manders is nowhere as quiet on my gun.

    Pity though, cause the overall lenght would have been cut down with nearly 10cm.
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