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Thread: Problem with my Gamo

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    Default Problem with my Gamo

    I have had my Gamo PR45 fpr a while now and out of the box, the top half doesn't line up with the rest of the gun. I have shot a few tins of pellets since and it it still consistently gives 1/2inch group from 10m and the velcoity with Gamo pro-mag is 330ft/s (It was 360 when new but dorpped to 330 after 100 or so pellets but is staying there). The thing is it doesn't seem (doesn't look) right. Should I get it fixed or if it ani't broken, don't try to fix it? The other thing is I got my from Greatdeal and have no intention of sending anything back to them. If need be, where do I go?

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    Eish! It is supposed to be under General disscussion, not club activity. My brain is not functioning today!

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    If you need work done the agents are Nicolas Yale.Hennie at Target Specialist can fix anything for you on any rifle.

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    I bought a Gamo Compact from Nicolas Yale a few weeks back with the same problem. Took it back the next day. We went through about 10 pistols and just one was alligned properly, which I ended up taking. Maybe the Gamo quality control is slipping???!!!

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