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    Default a few thoughts..................

    arghhh, finally got my x'mas present. well impressed with the quality/woodwork..........etc. it's one of these new spec s410k with the safety catch and interestingly it's got the same quick-fill set up as the tdr. plus a "gold" trigger !amazed . it actually makes me feel like a rapper/gansta........btw, didn't go for the custom trigger at the end.........just as well, the factory setting (std 2 sears) is pretty much perfect for my intended use, hunting. i will leave the stock for now..........but a bit of filling/sealing, oiling and elbow grease is def on the to do list.

    got the new magnum yesterday.....................i see that KB is not shy informing the readers that he got the top score at our last club shoot. and the dude that did my hornet's stock, finally got the chance to show off one of his t/h stocks on the cover.

    i'm looking forward to the new year..........i see myself shooting off the prone position more in ft this year. maybe it's from my school .22 days, i find it very stable/accurate...etc
    got 28 ex28 last weekend. things can only get better. hopefully, the club/members will get into gear this year......more developments...........etc and get me an excuse to buy a proper FT rifle. what do you all think EV2 or LG100?????

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    Please give me the details of the stock dude !

    Well atleast you got something for Xmas, Father XMAS was VERY stingy with me, had to buy something myself ... VERSAPOD, to all of you out there, worth every cent !!! If you want a BiPod go have a look at them first !

    Haven't read Magnum so can't comment.
    How's your BAM doing ?

    EV2, LG100, Anschutz, Feinwerkbau, all becoming available in SA and all more or less in the same price range, question is which is more accurate ! LG100 looks gr8, Feinwerkbau is very nice, Anschutz is very consistent, EV2 is the most accuate !
    (Ja Guido bring it on, it's been tested and it's a fact)
    EV2 Laminated stock now also available so you don't have to go the painted stock route.
    I personally would find it very difficult to actually choose one. They are all very good rifles the question is which one will suit me better ...

    This will be a big year on the FT scene, things are changing for the better.

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    john brussel stockmaker 083 7493866 or the shop number...don't have off hand, but it's in the magnum.

    let me rephrase it.............i finally got the x'mas present. to me from me

    ja, got the versapod on the bam, very well designed setup. worth every cent indeed.

    physical/actual differences aside............i'm sure all the FT rifles you've (neilg) mentioned, are capable of winning world champs..........i'm thinking towards the AA myself......local support/back-up............etc is a big plus in my books and it definitely will be the newer laminated ones. what i like about the EV2, is that it's designed for FT from the need for conversions/extra time/money...etc

    grow ft grow..................i can't wait

    let's talk DA BAM..............i was actually using it for the club fun shoot 2 weeks was raining but it didn't bother me nor DA BAM. it was a joke, too easy really.........
    it was going 1049fps with exterminators (9.5g). i was doing pretty well (14/14) until i bumped the rifle over (versapod) by mistake. unfortunately the fall, knock the collar/8 piece out of alignment (via the huge woodchucks silencer) . and i missed the next 3 targets completely.
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    sorry neilg, beat you to it (5*)
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    I agree with Urabus [hey dude ..why do you have 5 stars???]..all the top FT rifles [and even some cheaper hybrids] are capable in the right hands of winning in the FT circuit.

    My preference for the Steyr stems purely from my experience with it and all I have read about it.
    In the FT arena in the States it pretty much dominates over most other rifles.
    This is due to the fact that it takes easily to 18ft\lbs velocities.
    It is also the lightest of all the FT rifles and can be weighted accordingly.
    The FWB and Anschutz [and Walther] are very heavy and cannot be made reason why some FT shooters there use the FWB Junior model.
    The Anschutz has some rigidity problems in the action when used with a scope...few shooters use it for FT.
    They also have much longer barrels than the Steyr and do not lend themselves to fitting muzzle compensators and other mods at the barrel end.
    The Steyr also has the fasted tested lock-time and less vibration than all the other FT rifles out there.
    I do not know about the new FWB700 or new Anschutz since they have not yet been used in FT.

    Steyr did have an accuracy problem in the higher velocities but has now changed barrel twist rates and the test targets supplied with each rifle show this.
    Their original barrels are more suited to 10M velocities.

    The EV2 looks nice in it's new laminated guise...far better than the grey painted version...arghhh.
    As far as adjustability goes..the grip is not adjustable in any direction and does not come in different sizes.
    It is pretty heavy.
    The stock is nowhere near as adjustable as the 10M rifles and does not swivel left to right as on the Steyr.
    Many people in the UK are saying that it is not better than the old Pro Target and many also say that AA made a mistake in discontinuing the PT.
    As far as saying the EV2 has been tested as being the most accurate of all the FT rifles I have some reservations about that.
    Accuracy tests can vary over time, each rifle is different, prefers different pellets etc...very difficult to compare rifles outright and make a final broad statement like that.
    One would have to test a few examples of each rifle, use a spectrum of pellets under different conditions etc...suffice it to say all the FT rifles are more accurate in a test rig than we can shoot them in any FT competition.

    I wish I could afford one of each....hehe

    Anyway after all this discussion Neil G will probably clean up the the competitions with his 9 year old Pro Target followed by his brother in law with the 12 year old this space!!
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    Very weird (the * ratings)
    Urabus = 5* = 161 posts
    Guido = 4* = 163 posts
    Neil = 4* = 222 posts
    Definately a conspiracy going on here, how much did u pay for those 5 stars ?
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    Mine's "bigger" than yours .... ha now beat that !

    And also remember than I'm older than you therefore I can look down on you .... (like on the other forums)

    And ... I have 1 more ...ring than you

    cheers for now
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    Hey Urabus,
    how do you hide your collection from your better half, advice urgently required !
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    Where did you see the Laminated EV2 Guido? I checked out AA UK but its not on their webpage!
    Your right about the weight, it comes in at 4.5 Kgs then another 700g' for a decent scope. I think you should get a Gym contract thrown in.
    Seems your pretty clued up on gun stuff so you might know what a Rotary Swaged barrel is. I cant find anything on the subject or why its so unique.
    Anyway, the EV2 is accurate, I shot a batch of AA's at 10mts which just cut a hole where the bull should be then ranged it out to 50mts. After that I switched to Accupels which wandered all over the place so it seems to like the AA's.
    It also has a very distinct sound, kind of like ripping which I suspect is down to the vented muzzle assembly. I like mine (a lot) but would like to see a wooden stock version.

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    Default've got mail
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    for the laminated version, see uk forums, and (under news section, a few months back, same article with the TDR)

    they had problems with the painted one, where they used to crack (the paint) when the stock get wet. (this is what i read from the uk forums.......i've not seen one personally)

    neilg, i think the rating system also got to do with the time spent on the forum??????

    the trick is tell ur SO regular pressies (ideally a day before you get your toy).
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    Hi Neil,

    You list an impressive line up of rifles and ask which would suit you best - a little tip having tried all the rifles you mention at one time or another (either by owning them or borrowing them) I would say that they will not do anything better than your Pro-Target.

    Guido - that Pro-Target is only about 5 years old, I know that because I drove Jamie, its original owner up to Nick Jenkinson's house to buy it

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    Hey Urabus , we gonna get serious later this year when I start to concentrate ! Its an age thing , but us oldies can apply ourselves when we really want to . See you soon , mate .
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    Hi there Dale,
    definately not interested in buying at this stage, still all very "nice" guns though.
    Doing just fine with my Pro-T for now. Have been making some changes to it though and there's some more changes in the pipeline aswell.
    There is also a 1/4 click version of a certain big mag scope becoming available again in SA, will need one of those aswell (I'm already on the waiting list)

    You know what, this sport is damn expensive.
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    urabus where did you buy the versapod - ramrod? and price ?

    Which one did you get ?

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