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    Ok so the consensus is from my previous post on silencers that one should not use a Silencer with a springer, it doesnt make much difference.

    But with regards to the issue of not being allowed to shoot in my backyard as was stated by members in my previous post, im a bit confused.With my Gamo 610 i purchased i got some documents and one was from SAGA.Inside the booklet under the heading "Always on a safe shooting range" is says and i quote.

    "Whenever you shoot a BB or pellet gun it is essential that you use a safe shooting range.A safe indooor range can be set up in many places: in your home, community hall, recreationan centre,ect or outdoors in a backyard or farm-provided animals or people cannot cross your line of fire"

    Now my set up at home is one where im shooting against my house wall basically in a corner of the house where both walls converge, so there is no way anyone or animal is in my sight or can be hit from behind it.Its just all wall.

    Secondly, i shoot from inside my house to these targets in this corner.I have a double door which opens up, and i rest on my carpert inside and shoot towards the target outside.So im actually nowhere outside when i do this which im sure blocks the noise to some extent in the rifle.

    Is this allowed.

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    The Firearms Act is quite clear about this. It definitely states no shooting in builtup areas.
    Not sure where SAGA gets their info from.
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    WHAT THEY CANT HEAR OR SEE...................
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