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Thread: airsoft and airgun shooting in ZA

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    Default airsoft and airgun shooting in ZA

    hi guys all being well i should be moving to sa this year i was wondering if yo u have airsoft skirmishing also what are laws relating to air rifles and air pistols ie do you have to have a firearms licence?
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    sigfan , .22 and above need licences here."FAC" .177 are also no problem in SA. Airsoft , I know of no club in SA.FT is shor here .HFT we only alow springers for now.
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    Sigfan where are you moving to ? Which town in SA ?
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    Sigfan, very few people in SA know airsoft exist (well, apart from the R40 flea market stuff). Most people regards anything that shoots 6mm BB as a peashooter. I know of a few people who do training with airsoft but it ends there. Airsoft skirmishing simply doesn't exist. I believe airsoft started to pick up in the UK back in the late 90s, same time when the government removed all the centerfire pistol and lots of guys started doing IPro-SportC with airsofts. Here is SA, we still got our guns (donno for how much longer) so very few people will bother to buy a top-end m1911A1 air-soft for R2000 when the Norinco clone in 45ACP costs less.

    On the bright side, I am starting to see some airsofts lately but most are CYMA and DXA low end AEGs/springers and almost no gas operated (big problem trying to get R134a here) ones. I think Warlocke is trying to get the sport off the ground in Cape town (he actually deals in better stuff like TM and KJ works).

    As for the law is concerned, as long as it generates less than 8ft/lbs (unless you have one of those $10000 American Valcan M134 airsofts, I just won't happen), no problems at all, no funny orange tips and clear body but you can't shoot it in utban area or bring it into a gun free zone or point it at people.

    In any case bring your AEG along.
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