On the long weekend I went to our game farm near Lydenburg and like always I took my BAM with me. On the saterday afternoon I decided that I was going to test my BAM at long range to see how accurate it was and the drop at range.

My BAM is scoped in at 55m with 10.65gr Baracuda Match Heavy pellets. I went and put up a target at 85m and 100m. Then I started shooting.

I didn't know the precise drop at the distance so I used a wheelbarrow to put the target on top of and then it would catch the pellets and I could see the drop.

There was a little wind, say about 1-2 km/h from left to right. First I shot at the 85m target and with every shot I could hear the pellet hit the wheelbarrow. When I got to the wheelbarrow with the tape I was surprised to see that from the drop was only 22.5 cm and the 3 shot group was 38mm.

I then shot at the target at 100m and the drop was 32.5 cm and the 3 shot group was 42mm.

I don't know about you guys but that seems pretty good to me.

Later that afternoon I want hunting and shot a Rock Pigeon off a Powerline pole at 97m and it dropped dead on the spot. He was sitting with his back to me so the pellet went in just below the right wingtip and exited between the neck and the left wing.

So it seems that the programs that tells you the drop wasn't so correct if I look at the real results. I think it is better to go and test the drop of your rifle yourself rather than use a program.