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Thread: Were to find resources

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    Default Were to find resources

    I have just started air rifling. I used to play around alot with guns when I was a kid and have decided to get back into the swing of things now. and I am struggling to find resouces like books tips air rifle catelogues. air rifle stores, technique, ect.

    Any of you guys know where to find this kind of stuff. Or anygood suggestions on what books to buy.

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    well, i can't tell you of one specific place, but i've hunted on the net and if you use you should be able to find thousands of links! i found stuff from trajectories to squirrel hunting! look like there is quite a few airgunners worldwide!

    enjoy the hunt! (pun intended)
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    You can subscribe to Airgun World but you will soon get tired of it's infantile editorial and repetitive advertising. Best to read up on the web...plenty of info is available...and join dome overseas forums.
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    Hi Gremlore,

    There are a couple of SA based websites worth looking at: and , both of which are operated by members of this forum.

    Internationally you could take a look at and which are large UK based forums.
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    Cool thanks for your feedback guys
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