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    Default Yards or Meters

    Being new to FT, I am not sure how to set up my airgun with reference to yards or meters. The Chairgun program refers to yards, some articles on the forms refer to both meters and yards.

    Should you set your airgun up for yards or meter?

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    it's really not that important, if you set up your rangefinding and dialing in (of your scope) for yards it will be fine, same goes for meters.
    Only thing to keep in mind, in SA we generally work with meters meaning that all the practice ranges at FT events will be in Meters.
    It's comes down to the choice being yours.

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    Thank you for the info neilg, i also prefer working in meters.

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    Scopes has to be recalibrated for your eyes in any way (yards/meter) so go with meters.

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