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Thread: Full Length Carbon Fibre Silencers

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    Default Full Length Carbon Fibre Silencers

    Could someone help?

    Does these silencers work and are they more effective than the Logan's or Woodchuck's?
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    Let me guess you saw them at Blackpool ...

    I really cannot give you an answer on this, question is though, how much lighter are they ?
    Are you that worried about upsetting the balance of your rifle ?

    Dale Foster might be able to answer this ....
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    Will the full lenght silencer fit (between barrel and cylinder)on your rifle ?
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    i've read good reviews re hw's new silencer on their 100s. some guy actually rated it better than the rest of his collection. iirc, it includes loguns, airstreams, ripleys, c/f ones ac well (i think it's the p-h ones though). and they are cheaper too (25-30 quid)

    down need to thread your HW100, or get an adaptor and it's got foam in it, so not cool shooting in the wet (so i read).
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    Unfortunately I have not tried one of the CF shroud silencers yet so I could not give an accurate opinion on them.

    One thing is for sure though they could not be less effective than the original HW100 silencer.......

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