Dear shooters, coaches!
Dear friends!

It is time to discuss openly the problems of the shooting community.
Changing rules of Olympic discipline in the middle of Olympic cycle reflects the trends within the ISSF, which makes decisions behind closed doors.

Below is the letter from the President of ESC to the President of ISSF as well as the link from the ESC Official web-site “Rule changes Forum” where you could see the full version of correspondence regarding the changes of Rules and you could leave or share your comments:

We need to hear your opinion. For sure such questions should have an open discussion. The changes are needed but they must touch not only technical aspects of shooting but also the relations inside ISSF.

To: Mr. ISSF President
Cc: All ISSF Member Federations

Since I received the circular letter regarding changes of the rules, accepted by the Administrative Council, I would like to mention that the basis of our position remains the promotion of shooting sports as a spectator sport. The European Confederation has always insisted on the necessity of changes.
I would like to draw your attention to some details of your letter which caused confusion.
You insist that the proposed changes received a positive response during their presentation at the World Cup Final in Munich. This statement is not correct. The reaction of the audience and participants of the rapid fire final was negative. At the meeting of shooters and coaches (after the final) many critical views were stated in the presence of the Executive Director Mr. W. Schreiber and the Technical Delegate Vice-President Mr. G. Anderson. Almost nobody supported the innovation. This fact was reported to you personally, Mr. President, in my letter on November the 3rd.
In addition to the many technical suggestions all the participants agreed that is not reasonable to change the rules in the middle of the Olympic cycle. Probably it is time to make relevant changes in the ISSF Statutes.
Surely the Administrative Council of ISSF has the right to approve changes without taking in to consideration the opinion of the shooting community. But is it worth it to use this right and be proud of that? We have already lost a few great Olympic disciplines!
Why did you keep preparations of such important changes in secret? If you do care at all about the future of our sport it would be better to consider the opinion of the best shooters and coaches!
It is not clear at all why it surprises you when the President of one of the Continental Confederations and ISSF Administrative Council member addresses other ISSF member Federations?
Such communication fully satisfies both - the Statutes of the Federation and democratic principals on which we should build our relationship. Before sending a letter to member federations I have addressed you personally, Mr. President, but you made no suggestions or proposals in response to my appeal.

We are deeply confident that the opinion of athletes and coaches should be heard and considered.

We strongly believe that the leaders of the federation should serve the interest of the community.

We are sure that the open exchange of opinions between member federations should be profitable for the sport and we do believe in the necessity of constructive dialog with all organizations and people who are interested in its development.

The right to have an opinion is undeniable in a democratic society and we insist on its realization!

And we regret if you don’t share these ideas.

We regret, but we won’t accept it!

With due respect,

ISSF Administrative Council Member
ESC President
V. Lisin