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Thread: Airgun injuries and parental responsibility

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    Default Airgun injuries and parental responsibility

    I did a bit of looking up statistics on airgun injuries, the cases looked at by the statisticians appear to focus on boys under the age of 19, who are , arguably, minors.

    These statistics are often used by gun-free lobbyists to ban or restrict through legislation the use of airguns, which makes me understand their point of view to a degree.

    Faced with theses arguments, it leads me to wonder from their point of view which is easier - impose legislations on airguns, or to impose legislation on parental responsibility?

    I had ready (unsupervised) access to an airgun from an early age (as young as the age of 10 or 11), in a JHB suburb, I might add. My parents didn't know we had found another key to the safe, and it was this fear of being found out that kept me responsible with the use of the airgun.

    What could we as enthusiasts be doing to actively encourage parental involvement and supervision that could prevent the statistics abroad from repeating themselves here?

    Should it start with the industry, a governing body to which the trade subscribes, that writes a code of conduct whereby airguns are not sold to minors, and whereby the parental/guardian/repsonsible purchaser signs a pledge not to allow unsupervised access to airguns by minors as a condition of purchase? You don't read and sign the pledge,we don't sell you the airgun?

    But then, myself not making a living out of selling airguns, its easy to propose this.

    What do we do to get parents involved?

    In my opinion the parent/guardian is directly responsible for any airgun injury inflicted by a minor on himself or anyone else by not exercising proper supervisory controls or taking precautionary measures.

    In my personal case of unsupervised access, I was just lucky I did not hurt anyone.

    But I know personally of 2 incidents of children being shot or shooting someone else. One of them was my wife, who was shot when she was a little girl, by the kid next door who peeped over the wall with his gun and shot her.

    She's understandably not too keen on my airgun interests...
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    I tend to agree , that as an authority it is easier to ban the tool than ban the idiot using it .

    I know that the Hillcrest Gun shop wont sell a pellet gun to a youngster , he has to bring his mom or dad in " for a lecture " on responsible use first .

    But the magazine shop down the road , who sells all sorts of junk , does'nt do that , problem is he is selling the cheapo R 250 " kits " , you know , bag , pellets & gun .
    Its a difficult thing , I suppose if we all did our bit , got involved with the school musketry etc , the words may spread a bit .
    I suppose as a body , we must preach to all & sundry , safety & responsible use .
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    Hi all,

    The answer is as Gerry put it to "preach" to all and sundry the LAW as it stands now. Not many people realize (I had first hand experience of this at my JHB range) the legal responcibility of owning "licence free" air rifles, committ an offence ie. point an air rifle (also applies to BP muzzle loaders, antique or toy gun) at someone, without just cause, and you can be fined and or imprisoned upto 15 YEARS!! If you give an air rifle to a person under the influence of drugs (medically perscribed or otherwise), alcohol, or from the wording an unfit person, a minor child and they committ an offence, you could be imprisoned for a maximum 20 YEARS!
    So its all good and well telling people to be safe etc etc, if that does not work then at least put the fear of ..... into them that if they do something stupid that there will be consiquences. Also it gives us a point to defend our sport, instead of the govenment wanting to change the law, YET AGAIN, we can argue that they should inforce current law first.
    My R5 worth (inflation you know, but that a whole new thread, Ha ha)
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    Darn, there goes my chances for public fun... I only shoot well after a drink or 2. Less shakes ya know. He-he-he.
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    I must confess that I was still under aged and not old enough to have a driver’s licence, when I was sent to too the borders of my country and neighbouring countries to do duties, my country required of me.
    (Saw one sketch in a paper of those days. A guy standing with his FN on the chest of a dead terrorist saying: “I’m too young to drive a car”.)
    It’s easy to say: Ja , but times have changed.
    Have they?
    We were responsible then, why not now, and my parents had nothing to do about what we did when we were their. They might have just taught me the basics of live?
    More of our people were killed in driving accidents on our borders than with enemy or friendly fire.

    Net my idee
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