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Thread: LG300 VS EV2

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    Default LG300 VS EV2

    hy all.

    at last i can say that i have tried and owned both.

    IMHO. the LG300 out perfroms the EV by far.
    1. the stock fits and feels better, maybe i need the heavier gun?
    2. the trigger is (better than sex) no words to discribe but EISH thats good
    3. air economy is the best 120 shots from 80 bar.
    4. shoots down to 80bar with no POI change.

    the best reason of all, it has lifted my scores by a consistant 5 shots out of 30. thats 16% better performance.

    EISH EISH EISH what a rifle.

    :claphead :claphead :claphead :claphead :claphead
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    Then you should get almost full score with a FWB P70
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    and better than full score with the LG110
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    Enjoy Errol. Did you trade the EV in for this demon gun?
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