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    Please have a look at for a new Forum and lots of existing info in a summarised way.....
    The Forum also caters for the QB's and BAM's in a big way......!!
    Long live the BAM's......!!!

    Malan :rotflmao :rotflmao :rotflmao :rotflmao
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    Thank you for that, I've been having trouble getting into the yellow forum for ages and I have given up trying, even with the owners promises to look at it.
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    What a pleasure. The new forum is really to my liking, you should all join :claphead
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    Hi everyone. Let me introduce myself. I am Gene Curtis from the forum you have been giving all the compliments on. We welcome all of you and we will promote your forum as well.

    I am sure there are some great post coming our way and I will make it a point to come here often. Bob and myself want all of you to feel at home when you click on our link.

    Thank you again for your hospitality

    Gene Curtis
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