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    Default Thread from the AirgunBBS (UK)

    I saw the following posted by a user under the name "mumpada" with location given as Midrand:

    "got my walther lg300 dominator 2 weeks ago and kept finding i would site my gun in in the morning and then at midday it would be shooting 5mm low all of a sudden so i did some crono tests and found a 40FPS change in speed from taking it out the shade where is had been sitting for 30 min to leaving it in the sun for 20 min!!

    it shoots 40fps faster when it is cold to when it is there any way to fix this.....????

    problem is my walther is alu tec so i thought it might have something to do with the stock but it did the same thing with my friends one that has a laminate stock.... this is very worrying because the worlds arnt so far away. The accuracy is brilliant but this is a real problem!

    Can any one help me???"

    Certain issues with the regs on the Walther LG300 Dominators have been known about in the UK for quite some time now, hence the rather slow acceptance of the rifle over here.

    The problems have been largely cured by a guy called Nick Murphy, who has undertaken modifications to make the rifles highly reliable.

    Although you guys are a long way from Nick, here is his phone number, he may be able to help:

    Home: 09 44 (0) 1509 815942

    Cell: 09 44 (0) 7789 904063


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    That doesnt sound good, most of the SA team are shooting them arent they? Anyone want to rent an EV2 ?????
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    funny, i'm sure i've asked the question re domie regulators (even at the time with the "new factory improved reg") when they first came to SA sometime last year.........

    re temp sensitivity..........imho there are too many factors, eg scope/mount/relative pressure/air density......etc take the barrel, surely it will contract/expand with temp???? ie. pellet fit will change. resulting in chage (all else equal) in POI?
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    I think we all know who asked that question. :jester
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