It is our pleasure to open this new forum/directory to our self employed members. The premise is that should any of the members of forum be seeking the services of a mechanic, engineer, plumber, architect, electrician, welder or anything else under the sun that qualifies as a profession (T&Cs apply), this forum/directory is the first place they will look. We like the idea of the community supporting each other in this way, we hope that the initiative is appealing to you too.

The procedure is simple; take a look at the first Test post stickied here to get an idea of how you could formulate your advert. Itís a guide only so be as creative as you please. Title your thread appropriately for instant recognition, for example, do not title your plumbing business thread Drips; call it Plumbing Service: Drips or similar for easy search purposes.

Sub-Forum rules:

Advertising is strictly for registered members of that are self employed or are working free lance.

Advertising in this directory is free.

This is moderator approved posting area only. No discussion will take place on this forum, only adverts and amendments thereto will be approved.

We reserve the right to decline or delete any advert we deem unfit.

We provide free advertising for member businesses but take no responsibility for their service or lack thereof as the case may be. We will not arbitrate, act as intermediary or intervene on behalf of either the business or their clients.