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    Since we are limited in this country to essentially .177 and .20 calibre airguns think I need to make a concerted effort to experiment and find some ways of pushing our airguns into the 30ft\lbs territory.
    Our moronic powers that be have decided that 5.56mm and up should be licenced for whatever reason [the story that .22 airguns can be made to shoot .22LR is complete and uttter cr@p]
    Obviously a .22 airgun is far more dangerous than a muzzle loader or a crossbow....!!!

    Anyway the bottom line is that we need to find heavier pellets.
    The heaviest available pellets in .177 are the Korean Dae Sungs weighing in at 16grains. Next in line are Baracudas at 10.6grains

    In a Talon with a 24" barrel the 16grainers can easily be pushed to 900fps by doing a little tweaking and adjusting.

    The S400E should also be able to do this...
    I have always felt the S400E was a complete waste in .177 and I do not know why they bother importing this long unwieldy beast.
    On can get those velocities from a standard S400 without having to carry around such a long gun.
    It was purely made for the AMerican market and only makes sense in .22
    Why AA does not introduce .20 airguns is also strange...all other manufacturers have.

    The Steyr will definitely push the 16grainers to 900fps with absolute control since it is regulated...should be good for 40 shots or so.
    Steyrs have been fitted with .20 barrels very successfully for 25 to 30ft\lb energies.
    Shooting the heaviest .20 pellets [Dae SUngs] which are around 20 grains we are loooking at 40ft\lbs or so.

    On the Talon forum I received a reply by a chap getting excellent accuracy out of his Chuntsman {BAM50 at 950fps with Dae SUngs [32ft\lbs]

    Come chaps...let's find these heavy will open up new hunting horizons...
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    I H&N make a Rabbit Magnum in .177 weighing 16.85gr and Silver Point pellets at 11.8 gr. To date I could not get hold of any.
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    Yes I believe so.
    The Rabbit Magnum has apparently been discontinued.
    Pointed pellets normally produce poor accuracy.
    Looks like the Dae SUngs are the answer...
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